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Turkey Evil Eye

The Turkish eye, also known as the Nazar Boncugu or the Evil Eye, is a traditional amulet believed to provide protection against the malevolent forces of the evil eye.

Many people use the Turkish eye to ward off negative energy and bring good fortune and protection to themselves and their surroundings.

Asian Feng Shui Pixiu

The Feng Shui Pixiu, also known as Pi Yao or Pi Xiu, is a mythical creature in Chinese culture that is believed to bring good fortune and wealth.

It is a popular symbol used in Feng Shui to attract prosperity and protect against negative energy.

Tree of Life Necklace

The branches and roots of the Tree of Life often symbolize family, heritage, and deep roots. Wearing such a necklace represent a connection to one’s family, ancestry, or cultural background.

People associate the Tree of Life with positive energy, balance, and harmony. Wearing the symbol is a way to invite these qualities into one’s life and surroundings.

The Eighteen Arhat Beads

The eighteen arhat beads(十八子), is a traditional Chinese lucky charm, refers to selecting 18 varieties beads from among gemstones and jade to Bodhi seeds and stringing them together.

Wearing this bracelet can bring blessings of good luck, health, and longevity

Japanese Nine Star Ki Accessories

Nine Star Ki, also known as Kyusei, is a traditional Japanese form of astrology and divination system that focuses on the influences of nine stars or energies on individuals.

The concept of 9 Star Ki involves understanding the cyclical influences of different stars and their corresponding elements. Wearing it related to a particular star may be seen as a way to harmonize or enhance the positive energies associated with that star, promoting balance in life.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a semiprecious gemstone with a distinctive golden to brownish color and a chatoyant or “cat’s eye” effect.

Balancing energies. Tiger’s Eye is believed to balance the yin-yang energies and promote harmony within the body and mind. It’s considered a stone that helps maintain equilibrium and balance.

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